Startuphub | About Us


StartupHub is a program targeted at the startup/seed stages as well as companies in the growth and matured stages seeking expansion. It walks people through the hurdles of Business/Company registration, taxation, publicity and bankability, even with the challenges of limited financing and experience. We give you all you need to start up in one SME StartUp Kit.
Please, endeavour to read through our policies to clearly understand how we operate.

1) Client/Customer are to apply and register via the website portal only and all document required must be scanned and sent to us via
2) Your kit will be ready within 15 working days, this takes effect after all document requested from you have been sent to us and your name search is confirmed available.
3) All payment are to be done through bank deposit or transfer, cash payment is not accepted, payment must be done in full, and evidence of payment must be sent to via
4) Ensure you receive either a text message or email from The StartupHubteam, if you didn’t receive any of this after two working day of payment; please contact our customer service line.
5) Note your CAC certificate will be ready within 10 working days and every other part of the kit will be ready within another 5 working days which make it total of 15 working days for your kit to be ready for delivery or pickup.
6) We deliver nationwide via courier service and client is to bear cost of delivery but you can also choose to pick your package up at any of our office closer to you.

For more enquiry kindly call 07063004528, 08139149468