About us


STARTUPHUB is a business development and a gig economy Hub. We render business development services such as business incorporation, website development, branding, business plan and many more. We also adopt an hybrid gig economy strategy whereby we outsource job to our vendors, affiliate marketer are paid commission, organization and individual can hire a professional or consultant to work with them for a moment.

Coming up with the idea for a new business is the easy part of starting a business. Actually executing on that idea is where it gets interesting. Everyone wants more customers, more qualified leads, and more revenue. But starting a business isn’t one of those “if you build it, they will come” situations.
In order to build a successful company, you’ll need to create and fine-tune a business plan, business incorporation, assess your finances, complete all the legal paperwork, pick your partners, choose the best tools and systems to help you get your marketing and sales off the ground … and a whole lot more.
Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.
At Startup Hub, we guide you through that process. In this hub, you’ll find a couple of kits that save you up to 60% on your startup business expenses, save you time and stress of company registration, branding, taxation, website creation and many more.

Gig Economy Services

  1. Hybrid Affiliate Marketing Opportunity: First of it type in Nigeria. Entrepreneurial marketer can sign-up on the community, make money from every converted sales and also refer others to become affiliate market on the community then make extra income from every conversion.

What goes that mean, you can refer other entrepreneurial marketers to become an affiliate marketer on startup, enjoy commission on every conversion either directly through your link or direct marketing. You also enjoy commission from every conversion made by your refer to become an affiliate marketer on Startup Hub.

  1. Vendor Opportunity: Gig economy gives individual opportunity to work with one or more brands on a performance basis, receiving payment for results and outcomes, rather than for the completed work itself.

Startup Hub will give special/skill workforce opportunity to register, work remotely, get outsource job from us and get paid as we provide over 10 service for our client on the platform.

That is, you can be an affiliate and register as vendor if you have skills that serve any of our service.

  1. Gig Consulting Opportunity: lndependent consulting as a viable alternative to both traditional staffing and traditional career paths.

Startup Hub gives professionals opportunity to become gig consultant and also made it incredibly easy for businesses or individual to find and hire contract work.

We draw traffic to the website, as a gig consultant you can freelance, so that companies and individual can hire you from the community.

Become an affiliate Marketer with Startup Hub today and make up-to 50k and above in a month or sign-up either as a vendor and get regular outsource job from Mabo Brand or register as gig consultant and get regular freelance job of on a pull of client. You can also register on the three platform if you have the required skills.

All you need to do is sign-up as an affiliate marketer, or Vendor or Gig consultant on Startup Hub, play your role and enjoy all the opportunity that await you on startup Hub gig community.